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Class X and XII Result

Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Hyderabad feels proud to announce the results of Class X and XII.

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 9 to 10 was scored by the following Students

Name of the Student Class Grade
G.Raghuram Verma X 10 CGPA
C.Hemanth X 10 CGPA
G.Sudarshan X 10 CGPA
Anirudh Bhupal X 10 CGPA
B.Nikhila X 10 CGPA
Ch.Geetika X 10 CGPA
Dimple Lawaniya X 10 CGPA
M.Aswitha X 10 CGPA
Lakshitha R Joshi X 10 CGPA
B.K..Sri Nikhitha X 10 CGPA
B.komali X 10 CGPA
T.Hrishikesh X 10 CGPA
Sai Raj Verma X 10 CGPA
S.Krishna Kishor X 10 CGPA
Jayaditya X 10 CGPA
Sahithi Kumar X 10 CGPA
M.Mahila X 10 CGPA
P.Devi.Aishwarya X 10 CGPA
Ritika Ramesh X 10 CGPA
V.Baby Jahanvi X 10 CGPA
P.Sai.Shreya X 10 CGPA
P.N.V.Sindhuja X 10 CGPA
A.S.Abhishek X 10 CGPA
Shashwat X 10 CGPA
Mukesh Choudhary X 10 CGPA

Subject Wise Toppers:

Subject Class Name Grade
English XII G.Amrutha Valli A1
Mathematics XII Yesha Shan A2
Physics XII B.Varun Singh A1
XII Nitish Sharma A1
Chemistry XiI B.Varun Singh A1
Business Study XII M.V.Ayush A1
XII G.Amrutha Valli A1
XII Priyanka A1
XIi S.Manasa A1
XII P.Debashri A1
XII T.V.Raghava A1
XIi Nikhil Rai A1
Accountancy XII G.Amrutha Valli A1
XII Priyanka A1
XII S.Manasa A1
Economics XIi G.Amrutha Valli A1
XII Priyanka A1
Biology XII D.Durga Mathretee A1
XII Jaya Laxmi A1